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Apple Valley Quilt Guild challenge 2022
Recycle Quilt

Dimensions: 10” x 10” min / 20” x 20” max
Due date – June Picinic

Who doesn’t have a junk drawer or piles of things to recycle?
Using fabric scraps and reused items to create a quilt with your choice of colors and theme.

Examples of items:
            • Zippers, buttons, beads, yarn, ribbon, wool scraps
            • Old ties, felt, shear fabric from tea bags
            • Jewelry, household objects, onion bags
            • Ticket stubs, playing or greeting cards, seed packs
            • Tape measure, plastic tags, keys, paper clips, straws
            • Photographs
            • Aluminum cans, washers, nuts or bolts, bottle caps
            • Reclaimed/recycled clothing



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